Sales Assessment

We can help you identify places to improve that will improve your website sales

Sales - All About Conversions

The ability to convert visitors into customers depends on how good you are at presenting the right information to the right audience at the right times.

In order to prepare the right information for your audience you need to first understand who you are dealing with. Therefore, if you do not yet understand the demographics and behaviors of your website users, it is impossible for you to optimize your website to its maximum potential in terms of conversions and sales.

Find out why User Experience Assessment is important.

Different Customer Stages

The visitors who go onto your website will convert at different times.

For people who are new to your website, your products or services, they need to learn more about who you are first. Building the trust between you and your prospects is critical in this stage.

For people who are already familiar with the types of products or services you offer (perhaps from research or competitor websites), they need to know why they should choose you and how you are different than others offering products or services alike. Making yourself stand out with competitive offers is critical in this stage.

For people who have already purchased from you in the past, they need to stay firm on why sticking with you will be beneficial to them. Post-sale services, warranty, and royalty programs are critical to your success in this stage.

Understanding Your Competition

Not one sales strategy will last forever.

There will always be new competitors. There will always be new ways of doing things through technology advancement. It is important for you to stay on top of your industry. Regular competition research and analyze will help you in tweaking your marketing approach so that you can be fully aware of what's necessary to convert prospects into customers.

There's a reason why major brands make revisions to their websites from time to time - to keep up with the industry trends and user behaviors in order to maintain or improve the level of sales. The birth of responsive websites is a perfect example.

How We Can Help - And Why

  • We can help you understand all the conversion points - You may have more conversion points than you realize.
  • We can help you create the right messages - With our years of marketing experience and expertise, we can help you study your audience and create the right messages to use at the right times.
  • We can help you test and improve your conversion rates - Even the smallest change may create some positive impact. Marketing results are driven by data through various tests. Thorough testing is the only way to find out what approach works the best for your audience in terms of conversions.
  • We can deliver results - With our marketing experience, combined with our technical expertise, we can help you improve your sales. From capturing more leads to generating more sales, we know the way.

Do It Yourself - Self Assessment Guides

In the information era, the World Wide Web is full of useful tips and information. If you have the time and energy, we encourage you to assess your website at your own pace. View our DIY guides here.