User Experience Assessment

We can help you better understand how others think about your business.

User Experience - What & Why

Customer is always number 1. If you do not agree with us on this then please kindly do not proceed further.

"Knowing your enemy is half the battle." In the business world, although you are not fighting real wars, you are effectively battling / competing against other businesses alike, for customers. Therefore, if your competitors know more about your potential customers, they are more likely to capture these customers before you do.

User experience (a.k.a. "UX") is what your viewers go through as they visit your website. The KPIs to measure the level of user experience on a website depends on the goal settings of the website. How do you want your users to feel as they complete certain goals on your website?

A website that caters to good user experience will often yield higher conversion rates, and ultimately better sales.

UX Improvement Example

For any sales-driven website, displaying positive product or service reviews is a good way to clear up possible doubts that potential customers may have before committing a purchase. When implementing the collection and displaying of customer reviews on a website, it is often implemented across the board (site-wide) for all products and services.

But did you know that when you have products with no reviews, it actually creates an additional layer of doubts from customer perspective? (Is this a new product? Does this mean that no one has tried this product in the past?...etc.)

So to fix that, it may be useful to display reviews on relevant/related products or services, on product pages that have not yet received any reviews.

Every Website is Unique

Despite similarity in the types of products or services, each website has its own unique brand and position in the market. Did you know that even a change of color may have a significant impact on UX?

Each business also has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, if your business can convert prospects into customers easier over the phone through your trained sales personnel, then the UX focus of your website should be developed towards to having your visitors make that phone call.

There's always rooms for growth!

How We Can Help - And Why

  • We can tell you how your visitors see your website - Your website will display and behave differently for different users on different devices. We will show you how your visitors see and navigate around your website.
  • We can help you understand your website visitors - Do you really know your visitors? We can help you find out who they are and how they respond to various elements on your website.
  • We can identify confusing elements - Not everything you put on your website will be beneficial to you in terms of your goals for your website. And really, it's difficult for you to see all the confusing spots since you know where everything is and where the focus points are. So you are naturally more capable to "focus" on the areas you want your visitors to focus on. Let us help you "see" better.
  • We can improve your conversion rates - With our marketing expertise and experience, we know how to sell online. We can provide recommendations on UX changes that will lead to increased conversion rates.

Do It Yourself - Self Assessment Guides

In the information era, the World Wide Web is full of useful tips and information. If you have the time and energy, we encourage you to assess your website at your own pace. View our DIY guides here.